An early WW2 jeep painted light grey.

An early WW2 jeep painted light grey.

The above jeep(picture from is painted to represent a US Navy jeep.  There are some pictures from WW2 that show Navy jeeps painted grey but here is one that doesn’t!

WW2 US Navy jeep as used by the USMC to launch a glider.WW2 US Navy jeep as used by the USMC to launch a glider.

That’s right not all jeeps used by the USMC were painted forest green nor were all US Navy jeeps painted grey.  The jeeps originally left the Willys-Overland factory in Lustreless, Olive Drab or Forest Green.  No jeeps were factory painted Grey by Willys-Overland (or Ford for that matter).  Still if you want to escape the “boredom” of Olive Drab, other colors are a choice.  My choice is always Olive Drab and I suggest using the paint that is very accurate and that would be TM Ordnance Paint.  The most accurate shade (based on a comparison with WW2 paint) is Olive Drab Shade #8.  In my humble opinion the synthetic enamel is the most authentic texture.  The original paint was not designed to last much more than a year because of fading and wear.  Seems a shame to over restore a WW2 jeep by using modern catalyst activated paints!

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