Private Kirkland drives Col. Thomas M. Monroe, commanding, 15th Infantry.

Notice the rectangle with the diagonal lines? I believe this is unit disignator. I haven’t really found anything definitive in this regard…so it’s still just a guess but other pictures in the set sport different “squares”.

Also notice the rectangle above the square. 15 HQ 13.

Now you may have thought there was something goobered up or censored in the first picture near the drivers front fender. But as you can see it’s not. Those are obviously slots that have been either bolted or welded. And that is a sign of sorts. It appears to be white on top and another color of some sort below. Is this yet another unit indicator? I have no idea.

You Bantam guys must already know about the other features. I never realized the safety strap was mounted on the outside…or is this a mod? Also on the hood what the heck is the round/raised object about 2 or so inches back from the edge of the hood…about center? Notice the wheels? They sure look shiny, too. Sure would like to have the Colonel’s bantam.

The original black and white photo.

Picture Sources: Ft Lewis Sentinel, 1941

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