The Army is putting the new Bantam 4x4 pilot through testing.

The Army is putting the new Bantam 4×4 pilot through testing.

In many books and websites you see poor Lt. E.P. Hogan misquoted about where the name “jeep” came from. But he has some other interesting words as well.

An outstanding feature of the “bantam” is the success with which four wheel drive has been adapted to it. Its front axle can be used whether as a driving axle or an idling axle and, while the four-wheel drive feature in smaller vehicles is an adaptation of the Army’s usual design, in the “puddle-jumper” the resulting performance has been far greater even than anticipated. “Bugs” are built for maximum cross-country mobility – an indispensable requirement in modern warfare – which is greatly increased by having power in all four wheels.

Now Hogan was a QMC man but reading this it seems to say that the jeep wasn’t a “new” idea so much as its performance was outstanding.

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