When I'm not driving the WW2 jeep, I love to read.

When I’m not driving the WW2 jeep, I love to read.

Off-duty Army Jill sitting on the hood of my jeep with a view of the tandem hitch.  Below is a close-up shot of my WW2 tandem hitch.  It is called a tandem hitch because it is designed to connect to 1/4-ton jeeps together in order to pull something heavy–like a 105mm Howitzer.

Front grill showing the WW2 tandem hitch set up

The postwar hitch left the original bumper in place and then mounted the hitch with some plates in front.

I have had this hitch for about 20 years. Never used it. I feel it is too short and flat towing a jeep over any distance isn’t wise or safe.  Not to say that I haven’t done it!  But now I know better.   I started renting a flat trailer when I needed to haul the jeep to an event.  Eventually, I bought a trailer because renting from U-Haul was getting to be just too expensive.