CRW_3812)cartoonsmI look forward to those warm days of summer.  The picture below from WW2 Fort Riley, Kansas evokes memories of warmth from a bygone era.

It’s amazing that the picture doesn’t show any dust.  This must be because the vehicles are at rest or it has just rained!  But looking at the photo it doesn’t look very wet at all. What do you all think?

Troops on the move near Fort Riley, Kansas - April, 1942.

Army jeeps on the road near Fort Riley, Kansas.

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Fort Riley, Kansas. A platoon of a mechanized cavalry reconnaissance unit returning from a day in the field. In this photo we can see a Willys MB/Ford GPW complete with a canvas windshield cover.  This picture is from the Library of Congress collection.

Take a look at Fort Riley, Kansas in the book Images of America: Fort Riley (Kansas)

Don’t forget the jeep! For a taste of Army Life as seen through the eyes of ordinary army men, check out: Military Maintenance for MB/Gpw Jeeps 1941-45. It’s available from and other booksellers.