Army Jill going for a swim.

Army Jill going for a swim.

When a girl goes for a swim during World War Two–you just can’t be too careful. Here Jill leaves the jeep with her helmet and rifle slung over her shoulder…in case she should make contact with thugs from the Axis powers.

She always takes along at least one book to read while resting from swimming. One of the books she likes is Military Maintenance for MB/GPW Jeeps 1941-45 and it is available from booksellers everywhere, including Amazon. While not a maintenance book, it does cover topics that were important to WW2 mechanics.  Many of the articles come from the original Army Motors produced by the US Army to keep drivers and mechanics informed about their vehicles.


A wonderful suit found on

Another book she often takes along is the The Complete WW2 Military Jeep Manual (Brooklyns Militarey Vehicles).  This is a collection of WW2 military maintenance manuals with spRearRetroAznecific guidance and procedures to keep your WW2 jeep maintained.  If you only have one book for your WW2 jeep, it should be this one!  But really you need lots of books!

Do you need a new swimsuit?  Then why not retro?  It goes with the jeep no matter waht the color! Retro Swimwear Vintage High Waisted Bikini is available from  The suite is available in red, blue or orange. It’s a great retro look that you will love!