Bantam BRC-40 Grille

Bantam BRC-40 Grille

We are excited to bring you a series of grilles courtesy of Oliver at Drawing of the grille or brush guard of the American Bantam Car Company’s BRC-40. The drawing is copyrighted by and is used here with permission. The Bantam BRC-40 was the follow vehicle produced for the government after the acceptance of the initial 70 Bantam BRC-60’s.

Look for other grilles over the coming days.  Check out the excellent work of Oliver at for even more WW2 vehicles. The emphasis is on Russian vehicles but also includes foreign designed vehicles as used by the Russians. It’s a great site, check it out.

Don't you just love WW2 jeeps? I know I do.

Don’t you just love WW2 jeeps? I know I do.

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