In the early part of the war the 1/2-ton Dodge 4×4 was known as a jeep.

I received a query via e-mail saying how they liked my website ( but had never heard of a “peep.” Back at the beginning of the jeep story, the 1/4-ton had an older bigger “brother”–the 1/2-ton Dodge Command Car. This was referred to by many as a jeep. When the little quarter-ton showed up it was called “son of jeep” and “peep” (among other things). Well, Katherine Hilyard is credited with spilling the “jeep” story to the world. For the world the little vehicle was known as the “Jeep” (a registered trademark now belonging to Chrysler LLC).  However, in Armored circles the quarter-ton continued to be referred to as “peep”.
If I every buy another WW2 jeep then I can talk about “my peeps” and me.