Changing a tire is one thing but changing the tire on the rim-I hate it.

Changing a tire is one thing but changing the tire on the rim-I hate it.

I’m not crazy about changing tires.  But when AAA is not available you got to do it yourself, right?  But what about changing the tire on the rim?  The good news is that the rim comes apart to facilitate changing the tire.  The bad news is that not only does the rim not like to cooperate after being together maybe 50 – 70 years, it’s bloody dang dangerous, if done incorrectly.  When working on taking apart a rim there should be no pressure in the tube/tire before you begin.

When putting it back together you should use a tire cage so that if the bolts should suddenly fail the rims don’t fly apart and cut you in half!

Not sure why anyone has to cut the old tire off. Now granted mine were only rusted together for 50 some years as opposed to some which have been rusted together 60 plus years.  8^)

These are the only tools needed (beside a wrench for removing the nuts around the rim) to take apart the rim. Okay, I cheated and also used a tree to “hold” the rim while I separated the two pieces

But generally, I followed the instructions contained in this article, Handling the Combat Wheel.

And here is How to Demount Tires on Divided Type Wheels.

There is also another ingenious method thought up by American GIs during WW2. This involved a length of chain and a crow-bar like instrument. Basically it held one side of the rim with a claw and chain and the chain was attached to the crow-bar lever. Force would break the bead lock grip.

Well, actually to get my rims apart (still had the old tire on them) after the bead was broken loose–I had to take a piece of wood to use as a buffer and then beat the living hell out of it to get them to come loose

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