Drawing from the MB Bestop full enclosure kit.

I found the installation instructions for the MB Bestop kit that I purchased a very long time ago. As you can see in the drawing you had to drill some holes in the jeep tub, top-bow and windshield frame.

While not historically accurate, my jeeps’ top has come in handy and doesn’t look too bad. As a full enclosure it is very simple to setup up after the first installation. And getting into and out of the enclosure is very easy compared to the full zippered doors of the original top.

The Bestop full enclosure on my jeep.

The Bestop full enclosure on my jeep.

Bestop is a trademark of Bestop® Inc., and can be found at www.bestop.com but before you go look they don’t make this top any longer. It’s too bad because at the time I bought it in 1983 it was a bargain. Complete top minus the original bows was only about $250. This as compared to a more original canvas version that would have cost $1000. I have doubts that the canvas version would have weathered well after thirty some years as the Bestop has.  I used this top in all sorts of weather…severe downpours in Florida to -68F in Fairbanks, Alaska.  It’s been quite an adventure!

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