April shows soon bring jeep shows.

April shows soon bring jeep shows.

Several years ago, I contacted a veterans organization in Tallahassee Florida to reach out and see anyone had photographs of jeeps from their time in service during WW2.  One was from a great lady named Edna.

Edna in the Majors jeep.Edna wrote:

Hi again!

These are the only jeep pictures that I have. They were taken in 1942 at Camp Forrest, Tennessee, shortly before he went to different places training civilian doctors for the military. (I went with him.) He stayed in the service after WW2 and retired in 1970 from the Air Force.

He taught nurses at FSU (Florida State University) for 3 years and then quit. Sorry that I don’t have more pictures.


Note– the jeep has a round muffler. While you may not make it out the clearly, the original scan seemed to indicated that the fire extinguisher was brass and not painted. Also, no rifle rack on the windshield or radio junction box under the passenger seat.

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You might be interested in reading a book about WW2 called: If You Survive: From Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge to the End of World War II, One American Officer’s Riveting True Story.