Over 186,000 jeeps shipped to the Allies during WW2.

Did you know that during WW2, the United States shipped over 186,000 jeeps to the Allies?

The United States, the “arsenal of democracy” provided huge amounts of war materials to the Allies.

A brand new jeep for one of our Allies.

A brand new jeep for one of our Allies.

So I don’t know how many of you are really jeepaholics but for those of you who can’t get enough information about these early babies.  You are going to want to collect a lot of books on the subject of jeep.  One sure book isn’t really about jeeps per se but rather the procurement process.  You might just find some very interesting details if you obtain a copy of The Ordnance Department: Procurement and Supply (United States Army in World War II),  But before it was the arsenal of democracy, the US had to grow up.

“Nobody can see through this curtain of battle smoke that enshrouds the earth today.” cried a member of Congress on 10 May 1940. This was the day that Hitler crashed through into Belgium and Holland.  One event led to another in the US and Congress was aghast to learn that there weren’t enough anti-craft guns to defend a single US city.  The book goes on to cover the sad state of affairs and wait the US Government did to go about rectifying the situation.  During this vast story the birth of the jeep occurred.  Check it out.