T84J Rebuilds and Repairs–Easy enough that even YOU can do it. This is because the T-84J is a relatively simple transmission to work on. If you don’t have a press to replace bushings, you can buy replacement parts or have the old parts fitted by a machine shop. I tell you where to get those parts or where I had success in purchasing QUALITY parts.

You can rebuild your own T-84J transmission!

You can rebuild your own T-84J transmission!

You can do this!

This is the ONE book to buy to SAVE a bucket of money by trouble shooting and repairing your T-84J transmission. According to the US Army technical bulletin it should take 8.5 hours to remove, rebuild and install the transmission. Shops are charging over $50 an hour in some places. Save yourself over $400 in labor costs by doing it yourself. Will it take you longer, sure, if you have never done it before and don’t have a bunch a replacement parts in stock…but so what? It’s really easy to do with the book I developed (with input from some of the guys on the G!). The book goes into much more detail than the official manual and doesn’t make assumptions that you know anything about the transmission. “Trouble Shooting and Repairing the T84J Transmission” (paperback).

Trouble Shooting And Rebuilding The T-84J

Trouble Shooting and Rebuilding The T-84J Transmission is an aide designed to help the novice to decide whether or not to rebuild the T-84J themselves. It covers all sorts of “tricks” and “how-to’s” for tearing down, cleaning, inspecting and then assembling the rebuilt transmission. You will learn trouble shooting tips. Why is your transmission jumping out of gear? Is the T-84J really supposed to be noisy? Tons of pictures that show the details. And much, much more!

You can get it on Amazon.com and other fine booksellers.


Get the book, it will do you good!