Do you have a backseat in your jeep?

Is your rear seat missing from your WW2 jeep?  It really should have a rear seat. Often in an unrestored jeep the rear seat will be missing.  This could be because Bubba didn’t need a rear seat and wanted that little bit of extra space to haul groceries to the farm.  Well, I’ve found a pretty good solution to your problem Bunky.

Rear Seat Frame for Willys MB 1941-45
Is your WW2 jeep without a rear seat frame? Mine was….of course it didn’t have a rear panel either! Rear Seat Frame for 1941-45 Willys MB Replaces part number: A2782 Can be used in 1942-45 Ford GPWs but of course will not have the “F” mark.
The part is from OMIX-ADA.