Are you having trouble with that second gear, Bunkie?? Well, don’t just sit there and cry about it…do something…but just not any ol’ thing…


There are a number of possible reasons this occurs.Slips Out of Second:

  • Bent Shifting Fork
  • Worn Gear
  • Weak Poppet Spring
  • Interlock Plunger Not in Place

For other transmission symptoms, see Transmission Trouble and Remedies on my website, This comes up so often I figured I would post the “book” answer. I hope this helps.

So, Bunkie, if you are having trouble with that transmission, check out Youtube for info about the T-84. I used to have a book about rebuilding and troubleshooting the T-84 but the publisher pulled the plug on the book and all I have to offer now are the T-84 videos available in Youtube.