I suppose I’m a consumer as much as anyone, but I draw the line at consuming oil. Take care of your jeep and it will last a long time….maybe even longer than that!

As the engine warms, the oil circulates more freely and is more likely to leak from a loose connection. An inspection should be made for oil leaks with the engine warmed up to normal operating temperature. Inspect pan gaskets, timing case cover gasket, valve-spring cover gaskets, push rod-cover gaskets, and fuel-pump gasket. Inspect the oil lines, joints, and connections at the filter and the oil pressure gage. Inspect the flywheel housing for oil leakage from rear main bearing or the crankshaft oil seal, as indicated by a steady drip of oil from the drain hole in the housing. It has been estimated that an oil leak of one drop every 30 feet will account. for a gallon of oil in about 400 miles of driving.
The above information is from Automotive Trouble Shooting For WW2 Wheeled Vehicles, Volume 2.