My jeep!

This is my jeep. I’ve owned it since about 1981 when I purchased it as a “1941 Willies” from a kid in Panama City, FL. It turns out it was a 1942 Ford! It was a real basket case that took me a long time and a LOT of money to get into its current condition. It will never be perfect but it is my jeep!


This is a shot of my WW2 tandem hitch. The postwar hitch left the original bumper in place and then mounted the hitch with some plates in front. I have had this hitch for about 20 years. Never used it. I feel it is too short a draw to use behind my vehicle.


Close up view of the rear of my jeep, showing the registration number and Ford script. Unfortunately, the stencils I purchased from a nationally advertised outfit did not have the correct font for my WW2 jeep. So yes, I know it’s wrong. It took me nearly 20 years to find the Ford script and get it installed into the rear panel of my repro bodied jeep. It was a great day when I got it installed. The 455th Bomb Group was the parent organization of the 742BS.

Well, that’s some pictures of my jeep. You may have noticed the top? It’s an Olive Drab vinyl top made in the 1980s by BestTop (I believe) and it has been super. I rate it superior to the canvas version. No shrinkage. Of course, it’s not correct for a show jeep…but then I NEVER wanted a show jeep, I wanted a jeep to play with and that I have for lo’ these many years!