Are you in the Navy?

Are you in the Navy?

US Navy Ford GPW Tile Box
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US Navy Ford GPW Tile Box

The 1942 Ford GPW in service with the USMC under US Navy vehicle registration. Color photo from WW2 affixed to a tile box. Makes a unique gift.  This is a great photo of a Marine driving a USN jeep.

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Product Information
This tile box is perfect for stylishly storing knick-knacks, jewelry, or any precious keepsake.

  • Made of solid lacquered Alderwood
  • Measures 5 1/4″ sq. x 2 1/8″ with a 4 1/4″ tile and hinged lid

Perhaps you are more interested in the early WW2 jeeps?  How about a book entitled – WW2 Pilot Model-The Ford Pygmy. This is a great little book full of pictures of Ford’s initial entry into WW2 jeeps.