You need these books.

Are you in to WW2 jeeps, like me? Then you will want these books!

If you have a WW2 jeep or are interested in them…these three books are a great introduction.

All American Wonder, I, II, III

All American Wonder, Vol I
By Ray R Cowdery

Alll American Wonder, Vol II

By Ray R Cowdery
Both of these books are great reference books. They may be dated with some information but they were the first books written to help the WW2 jeep collector figure out exactly what he had. You really should add all three All American Wonder books to your collection.

All American Wonder, Vol III. Volume III is really pretty good but would have been better if it had stopped at WW2. This book continues on into the the Hummer era. So it is rather comprehensive in its’ jeep history coverage. Vol III can be a bit hard to find.  Last time I looked it was published by Reddick Enterprises.

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