This is a very nicely detailed WW2 Jeep by AUTOart.  It is rather expensive and is available from It comes complete with an M2 decontaminator mounted on the driver’s fender.  There’s a fire extinguisher under the dash.  Dash plates.  It also comes with a rifle scabbard mounted to the windshield complete with rifle. And it also comes with the rare winch mounted to the front bumper.

The jeep also has a .30 caliber machine gun mounted as well a radio and other items.  A well equipped jeep to be sure.  Though you have to wonder if many jeeps in WW2 came with a mounted machine gun AND a radio.  Think of the vibrations of the weapon and the tubes in the radio.  Do the two mix?  Still it is a great looking model.  See if you agree…AUTOart 1/18 Jeep Willys Army Green.  While Amazon currently shows this jeep in stock it is currently selling for an outrageous amount.  Good luck!