When Santa’s sleigh is out of commission he uses a 1942 Ford GPW to deliver goodies to all the good boys and girls.

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Santa sez your WW2 vehicle enthusiasts will really appreciate some good books on their favorite subjects.

Some of our favorites:

Trouble Shooting And Rebuilding The T-84J Great for those who own or want to own a WW2 jeep.  Step by step pictures and text on rebuilding the jeep transmission!

Winter and the Willys MB/Ford GPW It’s sure cold up at the North Pole.  See the set up that Santa uses to keep his jeep operational and comfortable at sub-zero temperatures.   It includes details on the WW2 Cold Weather Kits for jeeps.

Automotive Trouble Shooting For WW2 Vehicles This is volume one (volume two is also available) and is perfect for all non-tracked US vehicles from WW2.  Don’t know how to polarize (or even what it means), check out this book.