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Army Jill on a picnic during WW2 - Large Poster
Size: 34.0″ x 23.0″
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Army Jill on a picnic during WW2 – Large Poster

Beautiful blonde Jill in a scene from a picnic during WW2.

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Product Information
Perfect for dressing up any wall, this is the perfect size for maximum visual impact, or instantly creating a theme for a room. Images look great on this high-quality poster, printed on heavyweight 7 mil semi-gloss paper using superior dye inks. Image size 25” X 35”. Treat yourself or give as a gift.

Let’s also remember that December 7 is the anniversary of great sacrifice by the military forces stationed in the Hawaiian islands that day with the attack by the Japanese on Oahu. This participated our entry into WW2 and four years of hard fought war.