The Complete WW2 Military Jeep Manual is a good book to own if you own or are interested in WW2 Jeeps.   Why else would you be reading this Blog?   This collection of reprints includes the TM 9-803, TM 9-1803A, TM 9-1803B, Change 1 to TM 9-803 and also a carburetor service instructions.  There are 546 pages between its’ covers, so there is a lot of information to help you with the jeep.  It isn’t, of course, a restoration manual but will help you to “restore” or correct the various components of your vehicle.


A jeep I get...but a dental office?  That's just sick.

A jeep owner needs the manual.  Tighten up!

Army Jill likes the book and we think you will too!