When I'm not driving the WW2 jeep, I love to read.

When I’m not driving the WW2 jeep, I love to read.

The Military Jeep Buyer’s Bible was written by Mark Askew.  This book provides a brief over-view of the jeeps’ history.  It covers a range of vehicles including some that are not thought of as “military”, here in the United States, such as the CJ2A and CJ3A.  Many, if not most of the photographs are post war and appear to have been taken by the author at various shows around the United Kingdom.  Some of the pictures will give you pause–like the jeep with the blue star recognition symbol.  Or that some of the “blue drab” registration numbers are quite loud in color. The book is UK centric but is well worth a look by anyone from anywhere.  Mark Askew has published a number of books related to war-time jeeps.

You may have to shop around to find it at a decent price, at least in the US.  Try services like AbeBooks.com or Amazon.com.