This question comes up fairly often so I’m repeating a previous post for the newer folks.  Also, the T-84 was used in the Studebaker Weasel.

The T-84 was not just used in the WW2 jeep.  The jeep used the T-84J.  Below are listed several (but not all) of the various vehicles that used a T-84.  I didn’t bother to list them but there was at least one car, a Studebaker, that used a T-84 after the war.

(Information extracted from The Hollander.)


T-84A-1, 1A and T84B-1A
Continental Late ‘32-33 Flyer
Graham 36 80 Crusader

Continental ‘32 Beacon, Early Flyer

Mack ‘37-40 2M4A
Reo Truck ‘36-39 4-75, 3/4 ton

Willys ‘38-39 Pass.
Willys ‘39 Overland

Bantam ‘38-40

Stude ‘39-40 Champion (over drive)

Nash ‘41-42 40

AS1 T-84J
Am Bantam (Jeep) 40 BRC 1/4T 4×4

AS1 T-84J
Willys 41-45 Army 1/4T

AS2 T-84J
Ford Jeep ‘42-45 GPW 1/4 T 4×4

Bantam 41-42

The T-84 gets a rap for being a bad and weak transmission.  You have to wonder why it was used in some many cars (and trucks!) for so long a period of time, if better transmission were available.

If you need to work on a T-84, consider buying a copy of  Trouble Shooting and Rebuilding the T-84J.