How did this truck come to be called the "jeep"

Back in WW2 Grandpa Half-mast provided great advice to the GIs about their jeeps and other vehicles.  So you want to know if tire chains should be painted is a question that comes up now and again.  Even in WW2 people wanted to know! As always Half-Mast had the answer…

Dear Half-Mast,
Is there any objection to painting truck tire-chains with lusterless olive drab paint and storing them in this manner?
Sgt. A.F.R.

Dear Sergeant,
I don’t know if there are any objections to doing the job this way, but I know a better and recommended way.

Clean the tire-chains thorough with Phosphoric Metal Conditioner (Federal Stock Nos. 51-A-1302, 1-gal., and 51-A-1303, 5 gal.). Let them dry. Take Gloss, Clear Varnish (Federal Stock Nos. 52-V-2770, 1-gal., and 52-V-2780, 5 gal.) and cut it in half – with Thinner (Federal Stock Nos. 52-T-445, 1-gal., and 52-T-450, 5-gal.). Dip your chains in the thinned varnish and that’s all there is to it. Be careful, though, not to varnish the clips; varnish will keep them from opening and closing.

It takes, about a week for the varnish to be thoroughly dry and hard.