Should the rear seat have holes in it?

Do you have problems with your transmission?

The WW2 jeep has many great features and many were first used in the diminutive vehicle.  Not all of the features were all that great. This include the T-84 which was a marginal transmission to use with the 60hp engine and was dumped after the war.  Still it is a testimony of sorts to realize that all of the WW2 jeeps had a T-84 transmission and it managed to help win the war.

Does it slip out of gear? This condition may be caused by weak or broken shift-rod poppet springs, a bent shifting fork, or excessive wear of the gears. The transmission must be replaced or repaired.

If you have a WW2 jeep with a T-84J transmission then you might want to purchase my book, Trouble Shooting And Rebuilding The T-84J.

Don’t make your girl wait, get that transmission fixed today!