Army Jill sitting on the hood of a 1942 Ford GPW complete with a GI Towbar.

When I decided to restore/rebuild my jeep I wanted to add the World War Two Tandem Tow Bar.  I found the tow bar in Washington state from a jeep parts seller named Cliff Tebeau.   This hitch was designed so that two jeeps could hook up and then pull a large artillery piece…that normally would be pulled by something much larger than a 1/4-ton jeep!

The kit was used to allow two jeeps to pull a 105 mm artillery piece.  It was also used to allow jeeps to move aircraft around an air field. Personally, I’ve never trusted it so I NEVER have tried to use it to flat tow the jeep behind another vehicle.  All you have to do is look at the bumper gussets where it is mounted and it will give you a weak feeling.