Cluster assembly tool

Tool used to assemble the cluster gear.


Those of you familiar with my earlier work will recognize the drawing above from, Military Maintenance for MB/GPW jeeps 1941-45.  It is not my intention to duplicate that work here but to bring into this discussion of transmissions those portions that may be appropriate.

While assembling the lower part of the T-84J is not impossible to do without this tool.  However, having and using the tool certainly makes it easier.

The tool is easy to make, any machinist should be able to whip one out for you in no time. Mac McCluskey is a skilled machinist who agreed to make a copy of the above tool for our testing.

Having the right tool is a good idea–isn’t it?

Dear Editor,

We use a tool that can be made very easily and saves much time and profanity when there are 1/4-ton jeep transmissions to work on.

To line up the thrust washers on the counter-shaft, which must be set in the case before the clutch shaft can be installed, use a tool of the dimensions shown in the Fig. above.

The tapered end of the tool will pick up and aline the washers. It’s .OO2” smaller in diameter than the counter-shaft and slides through the clusters easily.

The counter-shaft is used to push the tool through. Since both tool and shaft have flat ends, the washers arc picked up smoothly by the shaft and are not bent or chipped.

T/5 Robert E. Bayes

APO 298

Ed. Note-Good idea—in fact, it’s similar to what the manufacturers use. A little grease on the washers helps to hold them in place during assembly.

You might also be interested in our book, Trouble Shooting and Repairing the T-84 Transmission. I wrote this book to make it easy for the average shade tree mechanic to work on the WW2 jeep transmission.  Why it was almost fun!