Did I tell you I love a good read? Well I do--try David Doyle's books---

Did I tell you I love a good read? Well I do–try David Doyle’s books—


WW2 Jeep In Action by David Doyle.

World War II Jeep (In Action, 2042) is well worth the small purchase price.  The book contains about 52 pages with more than 100 photographs.  Many of the photographs haven’t been published before or widely seen.  There are also a number of well drawn color profiles and detailed line drawings.

The jeep was originally designed as a command and reconnaissance car to replace the horse and the motorcycle. The jeep was widely used during WW2 from North Africa to Europe and in the Pacific. David Doyle does a good job of presenting each location or area of use with a number of pictures.  He has included pictures of the standard jeeps as well as those used as ambulances, radio vehicles, follow me jeeps on the flight line and armored cars in the field.