Do you like to read? I do.

Do you like to read? I do when it is a good book.  Here’s one…

The Jeep: History of a World War II Legend is a very good book that you might like…assuming you like the WW2 jeep, that is!

The Jeep: History of a World War II Legend

The Jeep: History of a World War II Legend

You might think that a book with only 80 pages would be light on content but the authors, David Dalet and Christophe Le Bitoux do a great job in putting it together.

They discuss “Origin of the name jeep” in one all too short section.  While well written it is light on information. The use of the name “jeep” is associated first with the Minneapolis-Moline Company’s tractor and then the authors mention the Bantam.   There is no mention of the Dodge 1/2-ton being referred to as a “jeep”, especially by the Armor Corps.  There is no mention of the Ford GP.  While GP did not stand for general purpose in connection with Ford, it was the abbreviation for what the 1/4-ton vehicles were and that is a general purpose vehicle.  This is evident when you read the TM 9-803 description about the vehicle.

There are some really great historical pictures in the book, some of which I don’t think I’ve seen before. Color photo’s are also included.  These are photos of the vehicles as they are today (or as restored today!).

Anyway, I own a copy of the book and recommend it to anyone that collects books on the subject jeeps…especially WW2 jeeps!