Don’t you just hate it when you get pulled to the side when you are in a hurry. You’re jeep doesn’t like it either!

Jill talks about vehicles that pull to one side.  It can be very dangerous if left unresolved.  If the vehicle pulls to one side, Jill says here are some possible causes and fixes!

Tires not inflated evenly. – Inflate properly.

Unequal caster or camber (bent axle). – Replace the axle.  Your might be able to use some sort of shims but usually you are going to have to replace the axle.

Odd size, or new and old tires on opposite wheels. – Switch tires.

Tight wheel bearing. – Adjust. See paragraphs 128 and 141 of the TM 9-803.

Bent steering arm or connection. – Straighten or replace.

Brake drag. – Adjust. See paragraph 148 of the TM 9-803.

You can get a copy of  TM 9-803 (including other important jeep maintenance manuals form – The Complete WW2 Military Jeep Manual.