I like my jeep to be started correctly...don't you?

I don’t mind a little torque on my wheels…do you?

Do you ever thing much about wheels?  I mean the wheels that are supposed to be on your WW2 jeep?  Those are combat rims that bolt together.   In theory it makes it easier to repair a tire in the field…in practice I’m not so sure.  At any rate don’t fool around with the rims–torque ’em off.

 When you put your combat rims together you should use a torque wrench and set the bolt to 60-70 ft. lbs.


Torque your wheels together properly!

Torque your wheels together properly!

Combat wheels are identified by eight bolts holding together the two halves of the tire rim. When removing a tire, first remove the wheel and be sure to deflate the tire before removing the rim nuts. After removing the rim nuts, remove the outer rim nuts, remove the outer rim then remove the tire after which remove the beard locking ring and tube from the tire. Mounting the tire is the reverse procedure. Do not put too much air in the tube when mounting.
From TM 10-1513 Change No. 1, May 15, 1942.  You might be interested in a copy, if you don’t already have one…TM-10-1513 Maintenance Manual for Willys Truck 1/4 Ton Model MB.