What's in a name?  Jeep, who knows where that came from?

What’s in a name? Jeep, who knows where that came from?

So I’m driving around in my 1942 Ford GPW “Jeep” and it occurred to me…what the heck does “jeep” mean?  Where did it come from?  Do we even know? Well, I think the best answer is maybe…
There’s a book by Paul Dickson, “War Slang” that says the jeep is “1, a small, low, khaki-colored car in general use in the Army. 2, a rookie; a recruit.OR you could go with his quote from another source, San Francisco Call-Bulletin, November 22, 1941 ” Do you know why those swift little army cars are called ‘jeeps’? It’s Model G-P produced by that automobile manufacturer–and G-P easily becomes ‘jeep’.” In 1941 Ford was producing a vehicle for the Army that was a model GP.

The unfortunate thing is that the War Slang book does not mention the jeep term being used during WWI or the inter-war period.  The book is available at Amazon for those that might be interested – War Slang: American Fighting Words and Phrases Since the Civil War, Second Edition.