You are certainly looking at a large task to collect 88 different tools including the toolbox.

I like to have the right tool for the right job–don’t you?

Tools. Every Army needs them and the US Army was no exception. Lists of authorized tools for “Truck Companies” were published by the Quartermaster Corp. The volume I have seen was published in 1943 in TM 10-475 “Quartermaster Handbook” that I obtained from Jeff Quirin, Quirin’s Military Collectibles of Arizona, of AZ.

Of course the tool sets for Willys MB and Ford GPW jeeps are by now well known. You can see a wonderful display of original tools on

Both files are from QuarterMaster Handbook TM 10-475 Truck Company.In this section, “Tools”, military jeeps tools that I have collected over the years are displayed. Some of them are only representative of the originals others are genuine. You will also find articles taken from the original World War Two magazine Army Motors that describe “newly” issued tools or improvised tools designed by GIs in the field. I hope you find it as interesting as I do!