WW2 Jeep Tire Pressure Stencils?

I’m not fond of being pressured but I do like to keep the correct tire pressure on the jeep.  One way to keep it right is to paint the proper tire pressure near by. And while this is often thought of as a post-war phenomenon but here I can present some evidence that it actually appeared in the late WW2 era!

WDC 174 ( 12 Jun. 45) says tire pressures are to be stenciled on vehicles—the tire pressure prescribed in TM 31-200. (Pending revision of this TM, the latest list of correct tire pressures appears in TB 31-200-7, 23 May 45.) Here’s where it goes: On the instrument panel (prominently displayed) of all wheeled, general purpose, special equipment, and special purpose vehicles— in the driver’s compartment (prominently displayed) of all tank-like wheeled combat-vehicles—on the outside of the fender, or on the body near the wheels, of trailers and semitrailers.

The markings should be legible block or stencil-type letters, not over one inch high, and put on with approved white, lusterless, stenciling, synthetic enamel, except when the area to be marked is painted white; then, the markings go in approved black, lusterless, stenciling, synthetic enamel.

From Military Maintenance for MB/GPW Jeeps 1941-45 which is available through booksellers everywhere or directly from the publisher.