You don’t like it when your clothes are not adjusted properly, and your jeep doesn’t like it when your clutch is not properly adjusted. Trust me on this one!

 Improper adjustment (no pedal free travel) will cause a slipping clutch and can be corrected by adjusting the pedal free travel. If this does not eliminate the slipping, the cause may be worn facings, grease on facings, clutch disk hub binding on clutch shaft, or insufficient spring tension. The clutch assembly must be replaced (par 224).

This is from a book I have edited called, “Automotive Trouble Shooting for WW2 Wheeled Vehicles, Volume 2.” It is available from

This book is for ALL WW2 wheeled vehicles…not just jeeps!  Follow the guidance in this volume (and volume 1) and you will soon be a WW2 expert!