Your oil is important…use the right stuff!

Stay away from non-detergent oils. Stay away from high viscosity oils like 20w50. Stick with 10w30 or plain oil 30wt oils. 10w30 is kinda nice because you don’t have to remember to change your oil in the cold times. The engine was designed for 30 wt oils at normal operating temperatures. Colder temps called for 10 wt oil. You can use the synthetics if you like but maintain the proper wt and wait till after say 500 miles (a break-in period for the engine).


If anyone asks, keep the oil filter. Those that tell you to remove the oil filter or to block it off are sorely mistaken.

Oil pressure is going to vary. Consult the manual for details (although as I remember they are fairly vague and not detailed). But I think you should see 50-60 lbs of oil pressure at start-up. Once it is warm and at idle it will trail off perhaps as low as 25 to 30 lbs. When you accelerate the oil pressure should of course go up.

If you have my book, Military Maintenance for MB/GPW Jeeps 1941-45, ( or the old wartime Army Motors ) you can read about oil and petroleum from the WW2 perspective (and most of that information is just as true today!) starting on page 137.