I thank you for your military service. You can obtain copies of your military records...

For those of you have served, I thank you for your military service. You can obtain copies of your military records…

This post isn’t really about military vehicles but some may still find it helpful.

Have you misplaced your DD214 or retirement orders? Well thru http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/ you can request copies. They tell you it can take many months to obtain the records but when I tried it, it only took about a month if that long.

It is run through the National Archives & Records Administration (NARA). You give your name, service branch, component, social security number, place of birth, service number, if applicable and approximate date you left the service. You also may have to tell them if you were an Officer or Enlisted, depending on when you served.

This can also be used to obtain “next of kin” records but I think they delete personal information like Social Security Numbers. reenlistment codes, discharge type, etc.

It is oriented toward “separation” doc requests but you can ask for more. “If information or documents other than a Report of Separation are needed, please indicate here what you require.” So I guess you could ask for performance reports, awards and decorations, etc.

Once you submit the online form you print out a “voucher” of sorts. This is signed by the veteran and mailed in. This is the way they confirm that the requester is legit–or as best they can.

It was a pretty cool experience. I received my retirement order, officer DD214 and enlisted DD214, 2 copies each and these had a seal affixed to them “to attest to its authenticity.”