When ya needs a hub, you needs a hub, am I right?

Jill waiting for the parts to arrive…

Brent Mullins Jeep Parts had hubs when I needed them.

I’ve bought a couple from him just a few years ago and they are still listed on his website the last time I looked. You will also want to consider purchasing bearings and cups as well as new LH or RH thread bolts for the wheel hub.

WO A-1691 “Hub, less bearings, front and rear” $48.50

These other parts may have gone up since I checked.
WO 52943 “Cup, wheel bearing” $10.00
WO 52942 “Cone, wheel bearing” $17.50
WO A-473 “Bolt, wheel hub, LH thread” $2.50
WO A-474 “Bolt, wheel hub, RH thread” $2.50

Prices are subject to change, so check for current pricing.  You can easily find Brent by doing a Google search. Of course, it’s not just about the parts, you need to know how or have the instructions on how to do this sort of work.  You’re in luck as the manuals are still available for these old machines.  For the drivetrain, you will want to have TM 9-1803B Power Train, Body, and Frame for Willys Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW 1/4 Ton 4×4 Technical Manual.