Is it a parking brake or emergency brake?

Do you need to do routine maintenance on your WW2 jeep?


Did you just recently buy a WW2 jeep?  Or if you are interested in getting one, you really need the manuals.  The first manual to get is the TM 9-803.  It will have much of what you will need to know.  If you don’t have TM 9-803 it’s a good idea to get this manual right away – TM 9-803 Willys-Overland MB and Ford Model GPW Jeep Technical Manual.  It will answer many of your questions.

Other manuals will be helpful if and more likely when you need to tear into your “new” jeep.  Those include the TM 9-1803A and TM 9-1803B which cover the engine and powertrain equipment.