Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!  Now that cold weather is at hand for much of the US, why not consider giving the gift of warmth?  Well, okay, many of these items are no longer available but you can give a book about them!

Maybe you need information about the winterization of  WW2 Willys MBs and Ford GPWs?

Can’t afford to get them a NOS Winterization Kit or just can’t find one at WallyWorld? Well, give the next best thing that will have them drooling and begging for winter!

Winter and the Willys MB/Ford GPW has received favorable reviews from BOTH Military Vehicles Magazine and the MVPA Army Motors. Reflect on how to “winterize” your jeep. Learn how to install the Crew Compartment Heater and your feet are guaranteed never to freeze…boil, er, broil maybe but never freeze. Much more is covered!



Winter and the Willys MB/Ford GPW
by Robert Notman


Synopsis: A book that includes the gear issued by the US Army to winterize the WW2 jeep

About This Book:

The 83-page book contains the instruction manual for installing the Winterization Kits that were issued during WW2. Frankly, when I started over 30 years ago in this hobby I didn’t even know WW2 jeeps could have had a heater. There is information here about the slave kit…this allowed one jeep to be used as a starter vehicle for other vehicles that were too frozen to start on their own.

You will find this book interesting if you are interested in the winter gear for the jeep. If you liked Becker’s book you are really going to like this book, the pictures from the installation manual are very clear. You can actually see the water line hookups and other features clearly.