Don’t keep Jill waiting while you figure out where the grease seals go!

Dear Half-Mast, I’d like to know the proper way to install the outer grease retainer on a jeep—the one right behind the CV joint. Is the retainer put there to hold the grease in the differential or to keep the grease in the CV joint? In other words, does the lip of the retainer face in, or out toward the joint? I’ve seen them. installed both ways and would like to know the right way.

J. B. B.

Dear Mr. B., That oil seal (grease retainer) in back of the CV joints on jeep front axles oughta be installed with the lip facing the joint—it’ll hold the grease in the joint better that way. It won’t affect the differential anyhow since the differential has its own seals in each side of the housing. Just by way of dishin’ out a little extra info, Willys ain’t putting those CV-joint oil seals in the front axles anymore. Since they began using some Tracta joints, which require a bronze bushing instead of a seal to keep the axle centered, they’ve been using the bushing on all their front axles. It works okay with Rzeppa and Bendix joints, too. But if yours is a Ford-built jeep, it’ll have oil seals and Rzeppa joints, strictly.


From WW2 Army Motors

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