Yes, even in Florida it can be cold during the winter.  So here is this photograph to help us remember how hot it can be during the summer.

Do the WW2 manuals get it right?

It sure can get hot…in the summer.

Jill from a summertime photo.  Thinking about summer?  You bet, even in Florida it can turn cold.  But the jeep is fun to drive anytime, well, almost anytime!

A snowy trail in Florida…





Okay, we don’t really get enough snow for this to happen…

…still it does get a wee bit cool here in the Big Bend area. We have temperatures down around the teens (F). So a little bit of weather protection is a pretty good thing.

Maybe you would be interested in Jeep – Its development and procurement under the Quartermaster Corps, 1940-1942 to pass away some of the cold time while we wait for the warmth of Spring!

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