You can trouble shoot and rebuild your WW2 jeep transmission.

Ernie Pyle, the famous WW2 war-time correspondent was credited by Delmar G. Roos, engineering vice president of Willys-Overland for the internal expanding parking brake. Ernie had written about the Willys jeep in April 1943 that, “I don’t think we could continue the war without the jeep.”

Ernie Pyle at Anzio, Italy, 1944. Photo Credit – USAMHI

He went on to say the jeep needed a new parking brake because the then current brake was useless. He said that except for the brake, “the jeep is a divine instrument of wartime locomotion.” An article appeared in the St. Petersburg Times – Apr 21, 1944 entitled, “Ernie Pyle Credited For New Brake On Army Jeeps.”