Don't forget to keep track of time!

Don’t forget to keep track of time!

Bring WW2 to your office or garage with an Incendiary Blonde wall clock.

Incendiary Blonde Wall Clock

Aircraft nose art print on your item. Beautiful blonde bombshell! WW2 Army Jill was the basis for this artwork. She is reclining on a bomb and the yellow bombs indicate the number of missions the crew has been on.

Decorate any room in your home or office with our 10-inch wall clock. Black plastic case. Requires 1 AA battery (included).

This would make a great holiday gift for someone interested in World War Two.  You can order online by clicking the link or by calling TOLL FREE (US) at 877.809.1659 and giving the operator product number 97802542.

Remember Pearl Harbor! Why not read about that day and the attack? I suggest Day of Infamy, 60th Anniversary: The Classic Account of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor available at