New 1/4-ton ‘Bantam’ truck at Fort Myer, Virginia,

New 1/4-ton ‘Bantam’ truck at Fort Myer, Virginia,

When copywriters are careless with the facts! Original caption, “New 1/4-ton ‘Bantam’ truck at Fort Myer, Virginia,” dated April 1941. Writers were pretty loose during this time and used “Bantam” to frequently describe the 1/4-ton. With three different 1/4-tons that were very similar in construction, it is not difficult to understand the confusion on the part of writers and even servicemen.

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Well, it is a jeep…no matter if it is a Bantam, Ford or Willys!

Throughout the war, the term “Bantam” was used to describe the 1/4-ton, 4×4, truck, no matter what company built it. Find out more about the Bantam jeep in BANTAM, FORD AND WILLYS-1/4-TON RECONNAISSANCE CARS. Don’t forget the great book by Rifkind. Rifkind wrote a great history of the jeep shortly after it was introduced to the US Army. While it is US Quartermaster Corps centric, it is still very interesting ready. Check out Jeep – Its development and procurement under the Quartermaster Corps, 1940-1942 at and other booksellers.