I depend on my jeep to get me where I’m goin’. Make sure you know how to troubleshoot your T-84 jeep transmission.


Slips Out of High Gear
Transmission misaligned with Bell Housing Align transmission case to Bell Housing and Bell Housing to Engine
End play in Main Drive Gear Tighten front retainer or bearing requires a bushing
Damaged Pilot Bearing or Front Bearing Replace
Bent Shifting Fork Replace
Interlock Plunger Not in Place Install
Slips Out of Second
Bent Shifting Fork Replace
Worn Gear Replace
Weak Poppet Spring Replace
Interlock Plunger Not in Place Install
Noise in Low Gear
Rear Ball Bearing Broken Replace
Gear Teeth Pitted or Worn Replace Gears
Shifting Fork Bent Replace
Lack of Lubrication Drain and Refill
Slips Out of Gear
Weak or broken poppet spring Replace
Interlock plunger not in place Install plunger
Transmission gears or bearings worn Replace
Shift fork bent, causing partial gear engagement Replace
Transmission loose on bell housing Tighten
Damaged bell housing Replace

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