Rainhats for jeeps? Are you crazy?

Rain hats for jeeps? Are you crazy?


Rain-hats for jeep spark-plugs. It was all the rage.

Dear Editor,
We’ve had trouble with the rubber insulator caps that fit over the spark-plugs on the older ¼-ton 4×4’s. The top of the cap deteriorates with age and causes the lower part to crack. We haven’t been able to get replacements, so we’ve hit upon this idea for lengthening the life of the caps.

Put a small, flat washer on the top and bottom of the cap (see Fig.). Press the edges of the crack together and tighten the top of the spark plug down against the washers.

Of course, this can only be done on the older models, since the newer ones don’t have spark plugs with removable caps, and the sparkplug-wire terminal simply snaps into the electrodes.

Cpl H. F. Eaton
Troop A, 29th Cav.

(WW2 Ed. Note—The reason you can’t get replacements is because spark-plug insulator caps have never been stocked.)

From the Army Motors Vol 4, Page 84.

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