Waterproofing the WW2 jeep is not for the faint of heart of foolhardy.

Waterproofing the WW2 jeep is not for the faint of heart of foolhardy.

The kit contains items that are crazy to use by today’s standards–complete with asbestos goop to seal joints from water leaks.

WW 2 jeep waterproofing kit.

During WW2, waterproofing kits were developed in order to allow the jeep (Willys MB/FordGPW) to make the transition from ship to shore without stalling out in the water. This was not considered a permanent installation but rather a temporary fix. In fact, the kit was designed to only be operational for eight minutes (!) to a depth of only three feet for transport vehicles. The kit was to be removed once the vehicle was ashore. The jeep required kit number WV-6 which was later known as G9-5700769. This kit wss actually for several vehicles ranging from the 1/4-ton to 2 1/2-ton trucks. The kits were packed five to a box.



Above, air intake hose for carburetor and vent for distributor


So you spend $25,000 to restore your jeep and then you install a WW2 waterproofing kit? I’m thinking maybe not! What a mess this stuff makes of the engine bay and all for (have I said this already?) three minutes and three feet!


The completed jeep, ready to go through three feet of water for eight minutes…assuming all instructions were followed and the kit was installed correctly!

Detailed installation instructions are contained in TM 9-2853, Preparation of Ordnance Materiel for Deep Water Fording, 7 July 1945. So by the time this manual was issued, D-Day was over a year in the past and the war in Europe had been over for about two months. This manual was for the war with Japan, expected to take a huge invasion force, starting in November 1945.